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"Saaj" Mevada Presenting his composed song


It was a very hectic time for me in last two weeks. After superannuation from services at TCL, I had the honour to enjoy three farewell parties hosted by management, hospital staff and Kamdar sangh. Despite my shortcomings, all people appreciated my work as a surgeon and added appreciation and honour as a Lord Dwarikadish devotee. The Mangaldeep Satsang Mandal presented M. Rafi night on 31/08/2011. Specially for me, Bhajan Sandhya was organized on 1/08/2011, were most of my songs/bhajans were sung by Shr Sharadbhai Mehta, Karshan Ghadavi, Smt. Dakshaben Bhatt & myself and my wife Saroj. It was a memorable event & I deeply grateful to all. I specially thank, Shri Sharadbhai, Mukund, Kirtisinh, Shri Mahendrasinh Zala, Karshan Ghadavi and Radhika studio for excellent arrangements with dinner and videography. I was touched by their love & affection which I will cherish throughout my rest of the life.

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